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I am a freelance DaVinci Resolve editor & colorist based out of New England with over nine years of post-production experience. In that time I have been able to work on award-winning documentaries and nationally broadcast commercials. My current focus is narrative and fashion-centered work.

I've been creating short films since I first discovered my passion in 2012 and have been trying to improve with each new project I take on. In 2018, I graduated from The University of Rhode Island with a BA in Film/Media and minor in Communication Studies.

Within a week of graduating, I started as an assistant editor for Gnarly Bay and soon became a full-time editor and colorist, getting lots of experience working on client-based projects. I started my freelance journey in November of 2021 and I am excited to see where it takes me.

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Color Grading: $600/day

Editing: $500/day

1st AC: $650/day

DIT: $500/day

Please contact for any rates not listed.

If rates are out of your SOW click the link below.



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